#843 – “Justice for Keenan Anderson, George Santos’ Lies, Biden’s Classified Docs, and A$$hole of Today feat. ID Rep. Jack Nelsen.”

Jesse and Brittany discuss their move (hopefully the last one for a while), listener emails and voicemails related to colonoscopies and caring for the unhoused, an art gallery owner who turned a hose on an unhoused woman in San Francisco, the death of Keenan Anderson at the hands of police in Los Angeles and the record number of police killings in the year 2022, the saga of George Santos as he begins his time as an elected Congressman, President Joe Biden’s classified document problem and how it differs from that of Donald Trump’s, A$$hole of Today feat. ID Rep. Jack Nelsen. 

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3 comments on #843 – “Justice for Keenan Anderson, George Santos’ Lies, Biden’s Classified Docs, and A$$hole of Today feat. ID Rep. Jack Nelsen.”

  1. Cynthia Schwartz says:

    Hi 👋 Jessie, Brittany & Swee’Pea:

    I only had a colonoscopy once and “failed” the prep stage. It was an ordeal. Since the prep stage did not go well for me, I was prescribed pills that apparently do the same thing I was told. Did you know they have pills!? Instead of drinking that horrible goop that was prescribed by the first doctor (older man), another doctor in the same medical office (younger man) prescribed the pills.
    My first thought was, “why wasn’t I offered a choice?!?” I’m assuming the goop is preferred method by doctors but I’m really not sure 🤔

    I just could not drink the disgusting goop and if the pills work just as well, the doctors should give us the choice between goop or pills.

    The twilight sleep is awesome; I woke up and asked when will we do the procedure itself and was told it’s already done!

  2. Kary Case says:

    Jesse & Brittany & Swee’Pea
    I had same symptoms as Jesse in that my iron count is super low, and no blood obviously leaking anywhere. So I did an Endoscopy & Colonoscopy (colon blow) thankfully all was fine. Now I’m getting Iron infusions. Thank you for sharing your journey, who doesn’t love hearing about Jesse’s colon!

    Of course, you are all the best part!


  3. Tennille Cloutier says:

    Isn’t that really all you need to know about religion in America; that they installed sprinklers in their doorway to ward off homelss people from sleeping there!!!! The one place that should have its doors unlocked to the homeless at all times so they can come in out of the cold ir heat or rain and get a meal privided by followers of god! Fucking pathetic! ABSOLUTELY DISGUSTING!

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