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#898 – “Guest Hosts, Gaza, Mike DeWine Veto, Nikki Haley Civil War, and Takin’ Care of Biz feat. The Kindness of Strangers!” 

Jesse and Brittany discuss the holidays and their recent experiences guest-hosting for David Pakman, a listener voicemail related to supervised consumption sites and addiction, the ongoing War in Gaza,...

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#897 – “Lying Sweep, Freaky Naughty, Dem Wins, and Takin’ Care of Biz feat. Unauthorized Supervised Consumption Site!” 

Jesse and Brittany discuss Swee’Pea’s latest shenanigans, listener emails and voicemails related to abortion rights and marriage equality, the case of Quantavious Eason, who was arrested at the age of ten...

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#896 – “Holidays!, Kate Cox vs. Texas, Kevin McCarthy’s Moral Depravity, and Takin’ Care of Biz feat. Max Hochman!” 

Jesse and Brittany discuss their recent holiday movie watching, listener emails and voicemails related to covering trans issues, poor language, and the importance of highlighting Biden’s wins, the tragic...

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#895 – “Beanie!, Newsom vs. DeSantis, Santos Expelled, Trump’s Loss, and A$$hole of Today feat. Ben Shapiro!” 

Jesse and Brittany discuss Jesse’s attire for the episode as well as listener emails related to scams on YouTube and frustrations with a lack of responses to communication, the...

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#894 – “Thanksgiving, SCOTUS Ethics, A$$hole of Today feat. Stuart Seldowitz, & Takin’ Care of Biz feat. Project Rousseau!”

Jesse and Brittany discuss Thanksgiving and holiday well-wishes, a recent clip of Adam Kinzinger on Bill Maher addressing an audience question about extremism on the left, the recent bogus ethics...

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#893 – “Listener Communication Extravaganza!”

Jesse and Brittany play and respond to listener voicemails for the entire episode on topics related to the dearth of women who are progressive commentators online, pronouncing words incorrectly,...

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Previous Notable Guests

Mehrsa Baradaran

Associate Dean for Strategic Initiatives & Robert Cotten Alston Associate Chair in Corporate Law. Author of How the Other Half Banks: Exclusion, Exploitation, and the Threat to Democracy and The Color of Money: Black Banking and the Racial Wealth Gap.

Harley Rouda
Congressman CA-48

Former member of the U.S. House of Representatives representing the 48th district of California.

Allen Frances

Allen Frances


Chair, DSM-IV Task Force. Former Chair, Duke Dept of Psychiatry. Author of Twilight of American Sanity, A Psychiatrist Analyzes the Age of Trump and Saving Normal. 

Adam G. Simon

Adam G. Simon

Writer and actor known for such works as Man Down and Point Blank. (Also, he’s less well known for his on-point impersonations of Alex Jones and Jordan B Peterson.)

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